Apr 12, 2012

What a Beautiful Day!

What a beautiful day here! It is about 80 degrees,what better time to get my granddaughter to model for you all..She really likes the dresses.This is the pillowcase style dress I made out of regular fabric and some ribbons.

This is another pillowcase dress,,.. so soft and light,it could almost be a nightgown.
I have been waiting to get her to model the bubble halter top. I found the easy tutorial at Seaminglysmitten blog

The shorts she is wearing used to be a pair of pants that I dressed up using a tutorial from Crafty Critique blog

I hope you enjoy the photo's and find inspiration to make some pretties for the young ladies in your life..or heck the neighbor's :)
I am off to watch her swim.Ahhh the life of being "Gamma" have a great day,Amy
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Melanie said...

She's is so precious! Thanks for sharing these pics with us!

Enjoy your time with her!

Hazel said...

She's beautiful ,you did a great job on the outfits and those bows in her hair are so cute .

Michelle said...

Every one of those outfits are DAR-LING!! I love the black polka dot, but that red and blue outfit is just so pretty too!

Cheryl Willis said...

I see a model in the making, are you going to be her agent?

Linda at Roscoe's Ma said...

Gamma is having too much fun dressing her baby dolls! So cute...the dresses and the baby dolls!

Protector of Vintage said...

Your granddaughter is so cute!! Love the cute outfits, too!!