May 23, 2011

Speed and Alcohol DO mix

Yes I said Speed.. and as for Alcohol I mean Top Fuel Dragsters. These bad boys make the ground shake! They run about 300 miles per hour!!This is Spencer Massey he won the top fuel class.

I am not sure which was more exciting,when they run or do the burnout.
This is a Top Fuel Funny car.
This picture is of John Force,he has been racing quite awhile and his team won their 200th win.He walked right up to our friends little girl and signed her shirt..yay! for Mattie.
Ok,and last for pictures is one of myself and my husband... wooo weee we were fried!But it was worth it!
Now I am recovering by cutting vintage sheets up with Marlene
Thank you for stopping by,Amy


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Oh yeah, that is some kinda sunburn I'm seeing. Hope it isn't too painful.

diane said...

Hey Amy...John Force lives about a mile up the road from me. Funny, huh?

Jeni said...

Sounds like a great day had by all

Eleni said...

Ohhh It sounds so exciting Amy:) And it looks you had a great time there:) If that frying hurts too much put yoghurt on it, it will refresh you (you'll definitely feel that) and take your pain..

Melinda said...

Sounds like fun! Nascar occurs in our house, though hubbie hasn't watched it in a while.

Michelle said...

Louie and I feel SO blessed to have met you and Joey today. We enjoyed getting to know you both, and hope there will be many more 'meetings' and 'lunches' and 'junkin's together! Be safe, and be blessed!