Nov 21, 2010

Scrapping Along

I have decided to follow/sew along with Pleasant Home
I have an overflowing bin full of scraps.Funny how they seem to multiply when they are used.So I could end up with several quilts.
For the project I am sharing I am using scraps and some fabric that inspired me.As I square up the blocks and trim them for the next round to be sewn on I am keeping the scraps in an empty coffee can. This makes them easy to grab as a leader/ender project.Photobucket
After I get the blocks to me desired size,I square them using one of my favorite squares them to be 8.5"X8.5"PhotobucketThe quilt I am working on right now I am making them rectangles which are 10.5" X 7.5" PhotobucketThe fabric shown are some of the main colors,I am using scraps of different Christmas colors to go with them.PhotobucketI will be posting more pictures of this and the leftover project soon.I need to lay my blocks out to see how much bigger I would like it to be.


Diane said...

What a fun fabric combo for Christmas.