Nov 28, 2010

Cat tails

I finally got the borders added to my Christmas quilt.While laying it out on the floor,the cats were thinking it was for them I guess.This is my calico cat we adopted over the summer,she is in training for her job as quilt inspector.Photobucket
This is my Cinnamon(Cinny-Man)He thinks ALL the quilts are "his".I even had a quilt folded up on the arm of the sofa,he pulled it down just so he could lay on it.He is rotten.Photobucket
Next we have Mew Mew..she is always the first under the quilt.She is the tester of warmth.Photobucket
I have been trying my hand at wonky letters.For some inspiration check out

I will post some pictures of my letters once I get a few more done.


Cris A said...
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Cris A said...

Please do check back to see what I make with those awesom scraps! I'll be checking in with you to see your finished Christmas quilt :)

Cheryl Willis said...

The colors in your top are just so Holiday- I can't wait to see the whole thing. be good cw

Michelle said...

Love your quilt Amy, and your cats are adorable!

on vacation with di and Paul said...

so cute. I am going to start on a new Christmas quilt AFTER Christmas!