Jul 16, 2010

A little of this,Little of that

I have sewn the outside borders onto my coin quilt,I am thinking of backing it with a vintage sheet picked up at Kidron Thrift store.
Our new kitten we adopted seems to like it.
My daughter Likes the yellows,grays,blacks in this collection,now to find the perfect pattern to keep it from being to busy.
This is my first time sewing tumblers,I like it so far.They might end up a table runner.
Thanks for visiting,Amy


Becky said...

The coin quilt is looking good! I like the colors in the both of the other pictures. I've never done tumblers either.....are they hard to keep straight?

Cheryl Willis said...

haven't done either yet but someday a tumbler version of coins is in my future. cw

Kim said...

Nice.......love how coins is so freestyle.....enjoy making it and your tumbler too......sweet colors :0).

Happy Sewing

kwiltmakr said...

Yeah, I like the way you did your coin quilt, it looks great! I have one or two of those blacks as well. The tumblers don't look too hard to sew, you did a good job.