Jul 16, 2010

Post for Marlene

I went to Kidron, Ohio a few weeks ago. I was telling Marlene about the MCCConnections it is a thrift store.They make quilts to sell/donate from fabric others have donated.
They have quilts on frames for anyone to tie or hand quilt on them.
The quilts are just gorgeous!! They also do handwoven rugs out of old jeans,and wool.

It is really nice to see a thrift store doing things besides having clothing pile up and get stinky.their prices are very good,and the store is neat and tidy.
If you happen to be free August 7th Kidron hosts a Mennonite relief sale,and the quilt auctions are super.They also have a crafters corner where people donate fabric and craft things to buy.Thanks for visiting,Amy


kwiltmakr said...

Wow! I am glad you posted it. Those quilts are nice and what a nice big room they have. It would be so neat if more thrift stores were like that!

Becky said...

What a neat idea! I've been thinking about making a denim quilt from old jeans to put out in the yard for the kids to play on....but that is so far down the list, the grandkids will have kids before I get to it!! :)

Roslyn said...

Wow where is this place, what a fantastic idea!
Yes run back to the store & buy that quilt you saw or you will regret it!