Jul 17, 2010

Pink lemonade with a shot of vodka

Yesterday while at the LQS,I seen a FQ bundle of pinks and yellows... I could not help but think of pink lemonade...Then I got to thinking of wonky log cabin blocks.
Please excuse the ripples,my 1947 Singer was having an issue...and I did not want to rip seams..I am hoping the quilting will disguise some of it.
I am thinking of sashing it with white 3-4 inch strips.For now I laid them out on a towel to see how they would look.
As for the vodka, well frozen pink lemonade mixer with vodka is a nice summer cooler,and ya would think I drank some with the wonkyness of the blocks.
Thanks for visiting,Amy


Cheryl Willis said...

are you saying if you drink enough they don't look wonky? cute blocks

kwiltmakr said...

I like your wonky blocks they look great. Some of that pucker may work itself out in quilting. Glad you got the machine to work a little better. I think those would look great if you do put some white in between them. That will be an awesome quilt for sure. Good name for them too.

Sandra said...

Nice quilt! Although I've never tried it, I do like the wonky blocks. The pink and yellow compliment each other nicely. You say that you are using a 1947 Singer. What model do you have? I own a Singer 201, and a
Singer 301. I love the beautiful stiches they make. As long as I keep them oiled, they run like a dream.