Sep 4, 2009

Some heads are gonna roll

Or, maybe it is a song by Judas Priest??? I like it anyhow.
Here is the head for the lady bug. she still needs her hair embroidered and her eyes put on.. but I am done crocheting them.

I have also finished the head and body for my Amigurumi turtle.

for some reason jump around alot.. like, start the head and move to another project.. I think my attention span is like a 6 yr old right now...But,I am getting things done.
I have also been working on the star afghan for my precious granddaughter

I have finished a stocking cap for my granddaughter.I started one for one of my twin daughters and have 5 more to make... at least everyone will have warm noggins.
I have also been cleaning the sewing area,and gathering up things to donate to local thrift store.
If anyone knows how to neatly put 5,000 lbs. of crap in 10 lb. sack please let me know.. (lol) When it comes to my sewing stuff, it is not the quantity of things that bothers hubby but the weight!! And 9 large totes and 2 dressers of fabric does weigh ALOT!!.Plus a deep freeze full of food.It is OK though, at least it is looking neater and I was stash busting until I got sidetracked with crocheting, O and 2 totes of yarn,luckily they do not weigh much.I think the last time we went over scales for the fun of it,we weighed somewhere near 24 thousand pounds!!!! and the trailer weighs 15 thousand empty.My friend looked and me and "said you have over 10,000lbs. of stuff in there?!"
UMMMM, YES we live in this FULL time and we have stuff for winter,summer,and anything ya would need in a regular house.I am doing my best to get rid of things we do NOT need. It is hard,when ya never know will you will be for different times of the year and so on.We may only have the rest of this month on this job,then we are not sure what stages the next ones will be when done here.please stay tuned, ya never know I might be coming to your town... won't ya be my neighbor? any Ugly Kid Joe fans??? I am in the singing mood today.. Thanks for visiting.Happy Stitching,Amy


kwiltmakr said...

Well you certianly have been busy. I hate to see you go and hope that we can get together again very soon. I guess maybe I will come up next week sometime. Take care.

Seams to Sew and Quilt said...

How cute and that little star is adorable. Have a good weekend.

Leigh said...

Hi Amy. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. Your star afghan looks great.

My DH is a truck driver so I can really relate to stuff, scales, and weight. Of course, he doesn't live in his, though he has suggested more than once that we just pick up and take off over the road. My argument? No room for my Glimakra loom! *lol

~♥Sonya said...

Hi Amy, Just stopping by to see what you're up to! The ladybug is coming right along, as is the star afghan. Looking good!

diamond said...

u still have to put the antennaes on my ladybugs head too... love ya