Apr 6, 2012

Split Decisions

I picked up some DS fabric at Joanns the other day.

Now,to figure out which outfit to make her..I am debating on a sundress with the gray as the ruffles and ties or tie shoulder top with bloomers.. geesh,maybe both?I also liked the pink colorway of check in this line, but the store did not have any coordinating fabrics to go with it:( bummer..
Ok, well I am off to take the grandbaby to the pool:) gotta love this weather in Southern Louisiana.
Happy Easter!

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Longvacation said...

When in doubt, go with both! I really like the pink check, too. Did they not have the flower print in pink that you got in the other colorway in your picture?

Michelle said...

Sew pretty! Have fun with that baby!

marlene@ByTheSeam said...

Oh how funny you are! I just bought some of the flower fabric yesterday. Only I didn't see the grey dots or I would have gotten some of that too. I did get some of the yellow that they had to match the yellow flowers. I am going to add it to my grey bicycle fabric stash. Ok have fun and a Blessed Easter to all of you. I miss ya. Love ya