Apr 6, 2012

A Dress Attempt

I had purchased a dress for my granddaughter and really liked it. So, I had to make another one in the same style.I used the dress to make a pattern. easy peasy..since the only thing needing a pattern was the bodice.the rest was rectangles and too much gathering.
I have to finish the bottom ruffle,but not before trying it on her to see if it was the right length.

I also love the pillowcase style dresses,some I have made with actual pillowcases like this one.
And some others using the quick pillowcase method as posted here.This dress is for one of my other granddaughters so I have to hurry and get int he mail to her.

Thank you for visiting,have a great Easter!

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Terri said...

Cute dresses! I remember when my grandgirls were that little... I made them dresses, too. Thanks for the happpy memory!

Linda at Roscoe's Ma said...

So cute! Happy Easter!