Mar 24, 2012

More DIY for baby and daughter

The last few days have been crafty and sorts.First my grandaughter just had to have a pillowcase style dress.

Ya know to go with her outfits she needs some barefoot sandals.
She has requested them in EVERY color!! wow, her mom is going to be busy making them.
My daughter has made herself a pair of the barefoot sandals.
We found the tutorial at tutus & teaparties and also at
Well I am off to clean up our sewing messes before grandpa gets home. have a great evening,Amy


Michelle said...

So cute!!!

natalie christensen said...

That pillow case dress is darling and your granddaughter is so adorable!!! Thanks for the link to the barefoot sandal too.

christy said...

Love the sandal idea:)

Anonymous said...

These dresses you make are so cute!! Those barefoot sandals are darling!!:) Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Vesuviusmama said...

Barefoot sandals - I love it!