Feb 7, 2012

Some Flowers

Hello!! I have been bad about not posting where I am. Right now my husband is working at a fertilizer plant in Convent,La. It is very nice and quiet here.
I am really excited to be in this area,Mardi Gras is going on. My mother and 2 daughters are coming to visit,Which means a busy itinerary.More on Mardi Gras in another post.Today,I have more flowers done..I prefer to get a bunch of flower centers done then start on the granny background.

I just had to take these outside,it is beautiful,sunny,and 53 degrees!!!
It feels like spring. I might have to move my crocheting up to the levee of the Mississippi.Ahhh life is good.
Happy Stitching,Amy


Tracey said...

Hi Amy, I have chosen you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Have a great day!!

linda said...

Love your flowers Amy, I love crocheting flowers too.:)

MGB said...

Lovely flowers!

Greetings from Holland,