Apr 3, 2011

My New Favorite Colors

I have switched gears in my colors.I really ,really..love the colors together, I am imagining them on snow white Kona cotton...so yummy.

I am so hoping I can get into the 3rd quarter of the 3x6 mini swap on Flickr

If I do get in these are the colors I love.what is your inspiration?
Happy stitching,Amy


Shay said...

Love the blog makeover Amy. Nicely done!

I'm drawn to loud bright colours randomly put together. Occasionally I go for something muted but if you look at my quilts they're most often a rainbow of colour or loud colours . Im unhappy when working on pastels. I never like the result.

Like the aqua and reds you've got here though!

Cathy said...

I love the new look. One of my favorite colors, ORANGE. It really does look great with the blue. When I saw your post I thought, no way did she give up on pink but it's there.

diane said...

oh how I love those colors too. so sunny and summery!

kwiltmakr said...

Love your little bunnies so cute. Your new color inspirations are great. Love the sea blues and greens they are so clam and peaceful.

Jenny said...

"Miami Dolphins! Miami Dolphins! Miami Dolphins are number 1!"

I grew up in Miami. I also have to stay away from sports to be a good Christian. Too much anger and hostility shows up from seeing bad plays or calls. Anyway. Your colors are lovely and scream Miami, my hometown. Terracotta, aqua everywhere. The biggest thing I miss from Miami is the colors of everything. Even the simple hamburger stand is more colorful than blah land. It's pretty here, too. But here it's all about the trees.