Apr 2, 2011


What do you with leftovers? I have been working on the Supernova quilt along.When you cut off the square over rectangle piece you get a HST. I am not sure how many I am going to end up with.From the looks of this pile after 3 blocks,it could be a good bit.

Does anyone sew with these HST's? I have saved some from various other projects.These are failry small, they might finish 1.5" a little too small for me right now.This is my block section #2
I must get back to some cleaning of the sewing room.It gets messy in the fabric cutting process.Happy Stitching,Amy


Cheryl Willis said...

I have started a new to me system.
First if the main project is themed-similar fabrics, I make smaller projects from the leftovers untill I am down to scraps.
If I can get an extra baby quilt or even potholder i am thrilled. I call them 'series'

i have no control over the scraps though, still trying to figure that rats nest out! good luck- those would be cut as a border on a small top

Shay said...

I've never kept small HST offcuts (1.5 inches is wayyyy too challenging for me ) but I keep everything else for string quilts. I love the look of my scrap bins.

kwiltmakr said...

too small of a triangle for me too. I am with Cheryl, how do you figure out the rat's nest of scraps.

Melanie said...

What a good question! I save all of my small triangles too, but I have no idea what I'll do with them! Looks like you're making good progress on your Supernova quilt!

Mary said...

I use mine for smaller projects, scrap projects and sometimes they are incorporated into the border or backing of the quilt they came from.


CityHouseStudio said...

I was wondering about this too!
If you find a fun solution for all those HSTs from the Supernova quilt along, let me know! The pile just keeps getting bigger!

Beth said...

I have been sewing mine into the HST and sometimes put two together to make a flying geese. I have a project rumbling around in my brain to use up all my leftover pieces/units in one quilt. Someday soon I will start dragging them all out. Could be it will be more than one quilt!

Debbie said...

I'm not inclined to keep my little snippets, but looks like most folks do! Interested to see what folks do. Btw, your supernova looks great!