Nov 10, 2010

When the sun goes down

Hello,I am still here.I just have not been blogging much since we are working at Sinclair refinery again....and of course it is a 12 shift at night.So, needless to say there is no sewing.Mainly showering,eating,sleeping,and working.But I have to be very grateful they asked us to come back to work,and I can save some for a rainy or soon to be snowy day. And yes it has snowed here the last 2 nights.Here is a picture of the front of the refinery without snow,I could not get one when we left work since it is still dark.Image and video hosting by TinyPicMy daughter is also working with me at night and she snapped a great picture from on top of the reactors.This picture is of the Hydrocracker unit,where they make gasoline.The unit we are working is the 3HDS,where they make diesel fuel.YUCK..we are black as heck when we get off work.but,hey we have to have it right?Image and video hosting by TinyPicWell, since tonight was an 8 hour night,I should be getting some sleep.We have 2 more nights here then we are headed to Commerce City Colorado to work at another refinery.Be safe everyone and have a great evening/morning.


Vesuviusmama said...

Good to hear from you! And it is good to be working, isn't it? I tell myself that every time I start to complain about not wanting to go to work. Hopefully you'll get some sewing in sometime soon.

Sandra said...

Glad to hear you are doing well. It's hard to live out of a suitcase. Been there. Done that. Hope you are able to enjoy a little sewing in the midst of it:)

kwiltmakr said...

I am glad to know that your out of there and safe, both of you.!

Kim said...

Hi Amy, Thanks for stopping by to enjoy my little piece of the quilting world. I wonder if this is how you unwind from your hectic life?
I often think of you when I see your picture on other blogs where you leave your sweet comments...and think what a different life style you live from me but you still manage to have your creative makes us tick... right?

Be safe out there and Happy Sewing

Roslyn said...

What an interesting life you live Amy, nice to see you back on deck!
How many hexies are you up to now?