Feb 12, 2010

Here I am

Here I Be!! I am still here, just not blogging a bunch.

I hope all is well with my blogger friends.
I am crocheting to keep my hands busy while not working and such,I will share pics soon.
Thanks for visiting,Amy


Michelle said...

Hi Amy! Good to see you!

Cheryl Willis said...

are you staying warm? I have started up quilt class again and if you are in our area, you are welcome to drop by. cw

kwiltmakr said...

So you are still alive! Good to hear it. I left two voice mails for you and a note on your facebook. I wondered what happend to you.

Riet said...

Hi Amy, just this morning I was thinking about you, hope you are alright.

Molly said...

Nice to see you, hope things are going okay and your way. Take care of yourself, you are important to us.

Jeni said...

Hi Amy
have just been going through your blog....I see your are keeping busy
congratulations on the new home...I know how busy you can get...we have just purchase a little farm 7 months ago and the Reno has been no stop
talk soon your Aussie blogging Pal