Aug 6, 2009

Some finishes

This bargello is from I was looking for a way to use up some of my odd and end Christmas fabrics. and this fit the bill.

Before I sent this to the quilters , my son claimed it.I am trying to finish the binding before he gets back from visiting family.
This is on of my Shan Gri La quilt tops.

This one will be sent to the LA soon. thanks for visiting,Amy


Cheryl Willis said...

your bargello looks great, I still haven't quilted my christmas one. Maybe next year. Who does your quilting? With as much traveling as you do, you could probably write a book about local quilters. be good cw

Riet said...

Beautiful quilts Amy. Hope you are alright?

kwiltmakr said...

Nice quilts, I really like the colors of the one in the bottom photo.