Jun 27, 2013

Not Much Going On

                                                       Hello from Houston Texas! 

I have not been sewing too much. I am am enjoying the few weeks my husband has had time off. The days have been filled with  2 granddaughters and lots of swimming.
My oldest granddaughter needs a new quilt and she chose snacks.
The granddaughter is a big help in sorting stacks of pairs and stacking strips.
I am also working on a charm quilt. The top might get done by fall.The charms are a mix of Marmalade,Vintage Modern, Swell and Bake Shop.
It is hard to get sewing done when the grand babies want to spend every day at the pool.
Life is good!
May You have a blessed summer.
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marlene@ByTheSeam said...

the quilts look great! Looks like fun at the pool. You can always sew later. Spend that precious time with those grand daughters!

Carla said...

I'd choose the pool too ; )

Janine said...

Your grandchildren are adorable! It must be lovely to spend time with them and you can also sew another time :)