Feb 28, 2013

In love with 60' triangles

I have been seeing tons of triangle quilts on Pinterest and am hooked. I also love how they make the hexagon which I love them also.I have had this stack of boyish prints waiting to be used. and I know a little man that could use a new quilt.

I know it is not done,but the recipient has come to see how comfy his new quilt will be.

I think he likes it! now to get it finished and layered for quilting.I thought the quilt needed a "beach ball" on the back.
 Have a great day! Amy
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Cheryl Willis said...

I love this! I have the die and have made several tops but not in this set. I can see a couple of more TO DO's in my future! Thanks for sharing. cw

Jenny said...

It's always good to do a test run with a quilt... what a cutie pie!

Linda at Roscoe's Ma said...

The little recipient is a keeper!