Apr 12, 2011

My Newest Addition

I would like to introduce you to my newest daughter. I am awful,I have had her since Christmas,my daughter Diamond gave her to me.

I know,I am a bad mom,for not showing her off sooner.She has been very busy helping me iron,cut and sew fabrics.I have not decided on a name for her yet.One of my Facebook friends suggested Alice in Quiltland..I like "Alice"..she has a playmate whose name is "Bud".
Bud loves to lay behind my sewing machine,and shop for fabric with me.Last week he went and met Marlene's new quilting buddy.

I am sorry I do not have alot to post about, I have been finishing my Supernova.The top is finished,I am waiting on the border directions.I am also planning my blocks for the 3x6 mini sampler bee I am in.wew I never thought finding a 12.5 inch block could be so stressing..I think I have something narrowed down.I am sewing my practice block out of my color choices.I will share it when I get it done.Thank You for visiting,Amy


kwiltmakr said...

I like Alice in quiltland...and bud, he is Frita's twin brother. LOL Glad you found a block to make. Can't wait to see it. We had fun last week, lets do it again soon!

pinkbrain said...

Your log cabin block looks great!
Also? You're a grown up with stuffed animals and dolls? I think I like you even more now!

quiltfool said...

Hi, Amy. I have something called a "Quick and Easy Block Tool" that gives me the cutting sizes to make several sizes of each block. I use it when I need a block of a certain size because I can pick the block and know I'll have instructions for a variety of common sizes. Love your quilting buddies. I have a flamingo refrigerator magnet that hangs over my machine and watches me quilt. lane