Mar 26, 2011

Ten Minute Table Runner

I have went bonkers for this table runner,it is quilting.Now I love quilted table runner,but if it means it takes a little longer to get a gift out..they might get it until after the holiday.This table runner still looks very nice when completed.

I decided to sew some buttons on to keep the triangle portion closed when laying right side up.The way I did this was to slip the threads only through the top layer,as to not have stitches on the back side.Here is a close up
I have been working on several other holidays, and I will post them pictures ASAP.
Happy Stitching,Amy


Linda said...

So cute! Great table runner. That fabric is just the sweetest. What fabric line is that? Thanks for the button hint.

Linda said...

Amy, you are definitely on a roll lately! This table runner is really cute!

liberal sprinkles said...

wow you're on a table runner spree! I love this one best, the colours are fantastic. And I love the birdie fabrics, so cute!