Mar 31, 2011

It's Growing

It is growing.No,not my garden. My cathedral windows,and the stash.I started this to see what is like to do it.

I really like doing them.The only thing is, I do not have enough of the white to make a whole quilt.I was thinking a pillow or small wallhanging then do something bigger later,now that I have tried it.I also have a quilt top finished.I started this project a few yrs back out of scraps,then I found some pieces that were in it.I took it apart and added more blocks to make it bigger.

The quilt is made from several 3 Sisters lines.
Now to the goodies I picked up while in Lawrence Ks. with Marlene.I met Marlene last year from Blogger.We had a really good time oohing and ahhhing over fabrics at both quilt shops we went to.The first fabrics are for my Amy Bradley patterns.
these fabrics are for the Happy Halloween pattern
I have been wanting to get the pattens for a few months and Amy is from Lawrence..and the owners of Stitch On are friends with her.. the quilt shop had a good bit of her quilts hanging in the shop..they are gorgeous in person.
I picked up some Alexander Henry Pixie.
And how could I resist some Meadowseet?I love the oranges.
I also picked up a few other novelties that were too cute to pass up.I am really liking the repro fabrics of the 60's and 70's..reminds of my youth.
Now to get busy on some of my ongoing projects while I decide what I am going to do with the new fabrics.thank you for visiting,Amy


Linda said...

So many pretty pictures and pretty fabrics!

Jeanne said...

Nice work on the cathedral windows!

kwiltmakr said...

Amy your windows quilt is really coming along nicely. I love your finished quilt top too. And yes we had such a good time yesterday. Sarah's is such a great quilt shop. I do like the Stitch On Needlework shop too. Let's go again!, soon!

Kim said...

Oh cathedral beautiful!

Now that is some fine stash!
enjoy every minute with it.

Happy sewing

Karen said...

I think a small wall hanging would be lovely for your Cathedral windows. So pretty!

grandmarockton said...

love the Cathedral windows (cause I'm afraid) but love the shopping finds! Good job

Cheryl Willis said...

great job on the windows, i haven't ever gotten past pot holder size. I never have enough of the light. maybe I just need to go scrappy!

My Mom's Recipe Box said...

Beautiful work and pretty materials.