Mar 22, 2011

A Finish

I have finally finished a quilt for Project Linus.

This picture is of my son with his quilt.I wanted to see how small it was for him. I guess he is due a new quilt.
It sure does feel good to have a finish.I am surprised I can get any finishes, when I get up this is where my cat Mew Mew likes to rest
Thank you for visiting,Amy


Leanne said...

I like your quilt and love the colours!

Cheryl Willis said...

great fabrics, what pattern are you going to use? something with the GO?
I have been on a Drunkards Path cutting marathon, love that die

kwiltmakr said...

Your quilt looks great!
I think Christian needs a new quilt too, one perhaps a bit longer.
Cats are funny where they like to lay.
Woke up and couldn't go back to sleep so I am checking blogs.

Riel Nason said...

Congrats on your finish. The fabrics are so pretty and how wonderful it is going to Project Linus. Happy Quilting! Riel

Shay said...

Yep-your son is defintitely due a new quilt!

Love the Project Linus finish.