Aug 13, 2010

New look and a question

Hello,I am sorry for not posting.My brain has been in a swirl for the past month,The only thing keeping it inside my skin is hand quilting..
SInce you are reading this, ya can tell it is new,..I finally took the plunge to use a background.
One of the questions I want to ask is about Monetizing.Has anyone had any luck with it?
I am not on blogger to try to get rich or anything,but I see a lot of people are doing it and was wondering if it works.
This picture is of our granddaughter Makayla,she is laying on her quilt I made her. Of course as soon as the quilt was laid out my fat cat Mew Mew had to test it out.
This is my pink lemonade with a shot of vodka quilt.For some reason the pictures do not give it any justice.
I will take another picture after I get it washed and hung out to dry. maybe the sun will let the colors shine.
It is finished and bound..I am wanting to do one in blue and greens.I am really liking the easy go sewing right now. I think it is too hot to be concentrating on following directions right now.Feel free to e-mail me about the monetizing, I know some things are trial and error,but is always nice to know if others are using it and how it works.Thanks for visiting,Amy


Cheryl Willis said...

the quilt turned out really nice. I don't get good colors with my camera but figure it is ok b/c I am showing off the finish or block pattern. I always print in black and white so the colors don't matter. cw

kwiltmakr said...

Amy, I don't know anything about the monetizing except that a lot of them do it and you can't control what the content is.
Your grand baby is so cute and the quilt looks great. I love the pink lemonade one. Turned out great.
Your new look on the blog is super!

Becky said...

Love the new look! Your granddaughter continues to be a real cutie-pie! I like the pink lemonade quilt. Can't wait to see the blue and green....that is my favorite color combination!

Kim said...

Nice to see you again and thanks for dropping by my blog :0).
Love this quilt......freestyle is the way to go :0).

And by the way......congrats on being a she your first grandbaby?

Happy sewing