Aug 28, 2010

No funny cute title..

I was sewing the outer binding round of hexagons for my table runner,I am doing it like I had seen on badskirt I had to get up for something,and this is what I returned to.
I think she is learning from the other quilt loving felines.Cinnamon is the worst to lay on them.Then we have Mew Mew she is the hiding cat, when I lay a quilt out to baste ,she runs and gets under it..So,showing pictures of that would not be a good example.When I do not have a quilt to baste she hides behind my sewing machine,keeping her eye out for that 1/4".I am almost done with sewing the binding hexies on the table runner.It is a good thing my mother does not read blogs,as this is for her dining room table.


Cheryl Willis said...


Becky said...

The kitties are precious!

kwiltmakr said...

I like your name at the end. It turned out great. I worked on one but couldn't get it to sit in the right place. Love the kitty peeking through the machine.

Marit said...

Lovely hexagon flowers! Your company is so sweet, I can also relate to having helpers like yours
; )
I fell in love with all those small, colorful squares in the second picture, too. So colorful and bright.
Have fun sewing, Amy! Thank you for a nice visit, too!

Tonya Ricucci said...

cute kitties!!! love your red and aquas in the next post too!