May 4, 2010

I see red

I spotted this fox the other day while lounging in the back yard at my mothers In Pa.
I see plenty of birds but they don't sit still long enough to snap them.

there has not been alot of sewing going on.I was gifted with plenty of mens shirts I am cutting up.I am also cutting t-shirts for a quilt for my mom to take to the races.
This Friday is Hershey day.Thanks for visiting,Amy


kwiltmakr said...

Amy, Looks like your camera is getting some use. Nice photo of the fox and the one at the top is really nice too. When I was at my Mom's we had a bear in the back yard, a hungry on too. Take care and stay in touch.

Cheryl Willis said...

neat shots, it is really greening up here in MO, no foxes yet but the birds and possums, skunks, etc... are all out and about. Rabbits everywhere even in town. cw