Jul 6, 2009

yarn and knitting needles

I have taken a break from sewing for a short period. One reason is for the portability of crocheting,Second is my granddaughter will be 1 in October and she needs a new afghan

Thursday I stopped at a yard sale near a relatives house and picked up a HUGE bag of yarn. I sorted and shared some with my husbands cousin,mainly to save me from catching to much flack.The only thing was,there were some knitting items in there also. Neither of us know how to knit.But to all the knitters out there I am having a give away.I have 9 different sizes and lengths of circular needles

1.size 4 -29" long
2.size 3-24" long
3.size 11-29" long
4.size 2-29" long
5.size 10-29" long
6.size 13-36" long
7.size 1-16" long
8.size 15-36" long
9.size 1- 29" long
Please leave me a comment as to what you would make with a set of circular needles. PLEASE specify what size you would like.make sure I can contact you through E-mail
I will be picking the winner Monday July 13th 2009.
Thanks alot, Amy


thatissocute said...

Oh, I love circular knitting needles! I'd love the size 15 36" ones. What would I make with those? I think I would make some sideways scarves...meaning instead of knitting the scarf from top to bottom, I'd knit it from side to side. I can fits lots of stitches on 36 inches of needle!

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

I love making sweaters on circular needles so the 29" size 10 or 11 or the 36" 13 or 15 needles would be great.

Maureen said...

What a nice thing for you to do! I too love circular needles! The size 1's would be perfect!