Jul 27, 2009


Throughout our travels we try to find dirt track racing. Last night we went to 36 speedway in Osborn,Mo.At this track they had A-mods,B-mods, and the USAC Midgets Paying a pretty good purse to win, the drivers were definitely racing for the cash. one of the drivers was J.J.Yeley,who used to race Nascar was there.and some drivers close to my home town.

I must confess a little about my being here... My mothers' father owned a race car and had a man drive it.My father worked on a race car before they met. I was born one night after the races.And My first race attendance was when I was a few weeks old.I have been going to dirt track racing all my life.I had grown up with my uncle Bobby Jackson racing,my father and grandfather used to build them in our garage.So needless to say when I smell the alcohol/fuel,and the roar of the engines it really takes me back to when I would travel with my family to watch my now deceased uncle race.This is my dad who was his crew chief and my uncle before a race.Now mind you after my dad sees this he may shoot me,LOL.

Ok, now onto lastnight. J.J.Yeley won the pole (wich to non race fans is the inside front row).He lead for a long time then went to third. BUT on the last lap he passed the leader coming out of the 4th turn.. everyone was on their feet. it was pretty exciting.Even though it was a work night for my husband,he went with me to the pits to get my picture with J.J.and some other drivers.
Here I am with J.J.Yeley.It was a great night.

Thanks for visiting,Amy


Becky said...

Looks like you had a fun time! Yea!

Julie said...

Hi, Amy. It looks like a great time!