Jun 5, 2009

spool quilt

This morning my friend Amy and her husband got a call for a job. bad thing the job is in Nebraska..Amy had been saying how much she liked the spool quilt I picked up while in Globe,Az.

I hurry up and sewed the binding on it,Amy wanted to sew it down herself when she gets there.At least she will be coming back for 3 days in 2 weeks.
Thanks for visiting,Amy


Michelle said...

So pretty, and what a nice thing for you to. Friends are wonderful, aren't they?
be blessed,

Veronica said...

Great spool quilt. Lucky friend! Generous Amy!

Julie said...

Very pretty quilt!!

Seams to Sew and Quilt said...

Nice, I really like scrap quitl.

Jeni said...

love the quilt Amy

Rachel said...

What a cute quilt. I like the variety of fabrics you used!