Mar 18, 2009

works in progress

Hello!! I have been busy as heck. I started strip twist from
I forgot to take pictures , But have one done in baby fabrics for a lady at our church.
Also I have been working on these cupcake bites
from www.bakerella.comthanks for visiting, Amy


Riet said...

That quilt will be lovely and great and the cupcake bites look delicious. Good idea

Becky said...

Hi Amy! The block is too cute! I was freaked out by the cupcake bites for a second.....I couldn't tell if they were really to eat or you had crocheted them!!!!! I decided they were real.....but, if you stitched them.......girlfriend, you are GOOD!
I want a bite!


CARMEN said...

This looks so yummy, and the cake-bites do too! thanks for visiting my blog,
I have a travel trailer too!