Jan 28, 2009

Hearts Wallhanging

This book I purchased over 2 years ago in Gillette Wy.
it is from www.pressingmattersink.com
Needless to say when I bought the book it was close to Valentines Day,I started these heart blocks
pink hearts
and they sat in a tote since then. Am I the only one who buys half yard cuts or fat quarters of fabrics ya like and then figure out it was NOT enough for a quilt?well I am making a wallhanging and hope to get it quilted to hang up for the sweet day.
Have I told anyone I LOVE Valentines Day? My kids and hubby know that. I have made my red bargello mainly from Valentines prints.
Since a few of these too short fabric purchases I have learned heck nothing under a yard unless just adding a certain color to my stash.when I first started quilting over 20 years ago, I used old dresses my daughters would grow out of and fabric was alot reasonably priced back then. then I stopped sewing for a year or so while going through a divorce,lost EVERYTHING(fabric,patterns,notions) thanks to a bad storage option.. anways, I started again buying fat quarters. ya know that don't last long. so now I have this stash that I have aquired through my many travels. I could tell ya where I bought EVERY piece.. except for the one my son found behind my deepfreezer.. it had tools on it. So I know I bought it for welding caps, but not sure as to where I picked it up.
Ok, enough rambling. please tell me your favorite holiday and your favorite fabric type, novelties? Christmas? Halloween?
Thanks for visiting,Amy


Michelle said...

Hi Amy,
Your blocks look fantastic, and I can't wait to see it all put together.

I mostly get my fabrics from our monthly fat quarter exchange, but I pick up a lot of my fabric at thrift stores, and I make quilts out of fabric from all kinds of items from the thrift store. I also love new fabric, but don't buy it often, and it seems the fabric I do buy, I save, because it is just so pretty and nice.

I know, I'm weird.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Alycia said...

Well I don't know my favorite holiday - but my favorite fabrics is western/cowboy themed!