Jan 9, 2009


I just LOVE these bonus half squares. and the pinwheels are super easy to square up with the Easy Square Jr. They finish at 6.5" and will make a nice border for my crazy trip around the world. I think my vitamins had a bunch of energy booster today.
thanks GNC
I even sweet talked Darling Hubby to put my stitch regulator on so I could get the smaller quilts quilted before we leave here.Doesn't he look excited? more like scared.
Thanks again remember I am wanting to send some crumbs to someone just drop me an e-mail, have a great weekend.Amy


ForestJane said...


Tell your husband he doesn't look scared, he looks like he needs a new pair of glasses!

The button looks great on your blog. :) It's interesting to me to watch and see what color people choose, the red border seems to be the big winner so far.

Riet said...

He looks alright to me. LOL

Cathy said...

I full of envy. You got a stitch regulator? Can't wait to hear what you think. I have be told buy one and then a store owner suggested I didn't.